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Tell us about yourself.

We need this information to ensure your safety and health and the best possible dental care for you. All information is kept
confidential among only our staff, your emergency contacts, and, if necessary, your doctor.

Please fill in the fields below and click "submit".


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3. Have you been hospitalized in the last 5 years?
4. Have you ever been prescribed antibiotic coverage before a dental appointment?
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6. Do you smoke? If yes, how many per day?
7. (Women) Are you pregnant or suspect you might be?
8. (Women) Are you taking birth control pills?
9. (Women) Are you taking supplementary hormones?
10. Have you gainted or lost more then 10 pounds in the last year?
11. Would you say your diet is adequate and balanced?
12. Do you consume alcohol? If yes, how many drinks per day / per week
13. Are you taking/do you take recreational drugs?
14. Do you use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes? If yes what is the medical condition.
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   Your dental history
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Your bite
Do you grind or clench your teeth?
Have you noticed chipped or worn edges on your teeth?
Has a dentist adjusted the way your teeth fit together?
Do you awaken with headaches?
Is it difficult to open or close your jaw?
Do you hear clicking/popping sounds when chewing?
Your gums
Are your gums swollen or tender?
Do you experience bad breath?
Do your gums bleed when you eat, brush, or floss?
Are there any sore spots in your mouth?
Are you aware of any loose teeth?
Are any teeth sensitive to heat, cold, sweets, pressure?
Your Submission of this form

By submitting this form you agree that you:

  • have provided an accurate and complete personal and medical-dental history and have not knowingly omitted any information
  • have had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about your medical-dental history
  • authorize the dentist to perform diagnostic procedures and treatment as may be necessary for proper dental care
  • understand that consultation with your medical doctor may be required, and you consent to your physician being contacted if necessary
  • understand that responsibility for payment for the dental services provided for you or your dependents is yours, and you will assume responsibility for fees associated with these services.
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